KGT-2502 UV Cylinder Printer

KGT-2502 UV Cylinder Printer
KGT-2502 UV Cylinder Printer

KGT-2502 UV Cylinder Printer With High Quality Printing

Printhead: 2/3/4/6/9 Ricoh G5i Print Head

Print Resolution: 720x900 Dpi / 720x1200 Dpi

Printing Diameter: Print diameter 10-100mm

Platform Size: 2500x1300mm

Workstation: 2500mm x (diameter x 3. 14) x 2 stations

UV printing on cylindrical materials such as bottle, cosmetics, tube and thermos cup

Interested in cylindrical and bottle printing? Read below for information on our uv cylindrical inkjet printer.

While digital printing on flat objects has been a standard industry practice for years, users can now digitally print on an expansive range of cylindrical items.

Create stunning, full-color images and raised prints on round items with KGT-2502 UV Cylinder Printer. Our UV LED cylinder bottle printer makes cylindrical printing efficient and precise.

Print directly on round objects such as:

Beer & Wine Bottles

Sports bottles


Glass Bottles & Cups


And much more!

In addition, this method can print on a variety of materials including aluminum, glass, stainless steel, plastic. Don't settle for only printing on white or light-colored cylindrical objects – print on all colors!

Ricoh G5i Printhead

Ricoh G5i Printhead

2~3 pcs G5i Printheads, 3~21pl drop volume, CMYK+W+V (optional). Industrial Ricoh G5i print heads which is anti-corrosive and long-life with stable working performance

Industrial Y Structure Tungsten Steel Frame

Industrial Y Structure Tungsten Steel Frame

Constructed with industrial Y frame and structure machine is heavy duty and built to last.

Dual Negative Pressure Ink System

Dual Negative Pressure Ink System

Separate negative pressure system for white and color ink supply with digital control greater pressure display gauges increase printing speed and stability

High-performance lead Screw Introduce

High-performance lead Screw Introduce

Both sides of the printer are equipped with industrial driving screws which ensure high accuracy of the print position and enhance its durability

Cross Beam Adopts Steel Frame with Dual Guide Rails

Cross Beam Adopts Steel Frame with Dual Guide Rails

Dual linear motion guide provides highly stable environment at high speed printing

Glass Bottles UV Printing

Glass Bottles UV Printing

UV Printing for glass bottles

UV Printing On Tubes

UV Printing On Tubes

Print on a variety of materials including aluminum, glass, stainless steel, plastic, metal tubes

Round Bottles UV Printing

Round Bottles UV Printing

Digital print on an expansive range of cylindrical items

Printhead2/3/4/6/9 Ricoh G5i Printheads
Printing TechnologyVariation Points To Print
X and Y MotorOriginal 2 sets of 1-to-3 motors (moving shaft +3 sets of rotating shaft)
Printing Resolution720x900 Dpi / 720x1200 Dpi
Printing DiameterPrint diameter 10-100 mm
Ink Type & ColorUV inks, CMYK
Software InterfaceColorgate/Photoprint
Ink Cartridge Size1500ml
Ink Supply SystemNegative Pressure Automatic Adjustment System
Curing SystemWater-cooled Led Curing Lights
Platform Size2500x1300 mm
File FormatTiff, Jpeg, Postscript, EPS, PDF, DCS2.0
Printing speedDiameter: 55 mm / 8.15 min,  Diameter: 100 mm / 19.16 min
Printer Dimesions (X*Y*Z)4350x1920x1550 mm
Wooden Box Dimensions (X*Y*Z)4530x2130x1600 mm
Net Weight1500 kgs
Power RequirementImput voltage: 220 ~ 240V, single-phase, 50/60HZ, 7000W
Operating ConditionsTemperature: 25~30°C; Relative Humidity: 40%~60%;


Troubles hooting

Service promised, after-sales engineers to troubleshootingfaults and resume normal production at the fastest time.

Service tracking

Regularly follow up customers, get to know about theequipment usage, listen to customer's advise and givetechnical guidance while keeping records.

Service consulting

Professional engineer after-sales service team; Full-time online service with diversified methods


Provide one year free warranty for equipment accordingto the standard (except printheads and consumables). More details, please ask our after-sales for help.


Please contact the Authorized KINGT Distributor/Dealer the product was purchased from for after-sale service. If buy from kingt factory, we have our own after-sales service team.

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1. Accumulating nearly a decade of experiences in digital UV inkjet printing industry, Kingt provides you professional solutions in digital inkjet printers and help you save time and effort getting into the digital printing market.

2. Kingt is a trusted manufacturer with recognition from international suppliers. We ensure stable supplies of genuine products.

3. The top 3 printheads customer for Ricoh shows that Kingt takes up a significant market share of Ricoh printers in the market. Also the only one use the Samba printhead with digital label press in China.

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5. The sales volume by 500 millions in 2023 shows that you will be working with a fast growing company and expand the potential business together.

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