KGT-1016 UV Flatbed Printer

KGT-1016 UV Flatbed Printer
KGT-1016 UV Flatbed Printer
KGT-1016 UV Flatbed Printer

KGT-1016 Small Format UV Flatbed Printer with Ricoh Gh2220 Print heads

● Print Area: 【3.28 x 5.25 feet】1.0 x 1.6 meters (100 x 160 cm), more larger size: 120 x 160cm (optional)

● 5~8 pcs Ricoh GH2220 printheads (100% orignal new from Ricoh)

● Longer lifetime than other printheads

● 3.5PL variable dot printing: More refined printing than 5pl and 7pl printheads

● Hi-Resolution, Hi-cost effective, Hi-CP value

● Ink color: CMYK + W, V

● Able to print onto most flat materials

● Support overseas installation, free training

● Varnish or gloss printing available

Looking For Most Affordable Small UV Flatbed Printer?

It is your best choice if you are looking for small format uv printers for single color or multiple-color printing on various flat surfaces. KINGT is a professional digital flatbed printing products manufacturer and solution provider, focus on Ricoh uv flatbed printer.

Equipped with 100cm × 160cm print size, adopting new 5-8 pcs grey level Ricoh GH2220 print head, KGT-1016 UV flatbed printer is a gerneral small format size, suitable for both bulk production and small size printing demands. More cost-effective than 6090 uv printer.

KGT-1016 small format UV flatbed printer offers high reliability and performance, perfect for printing on to all types of suitable media.

Application material: phone case, glass, ceramic tiles, ceiling, aluminum sheet, wood board, door sheet, metal panel, billboard, acrylic panel, plexiglass, paper board, foam board, PVC expansion board, corrugated cardboard; flexible materials such as PVC, vinyl sticker, reflective film, oil painting, leather etc.

Application Areas: Decoration industry, glass industry, sign industry, exhibition industry, rigid paperboard packing industry, leather, artware industry, furniture industry etc.

The market position of small UV flatbed printer more and more important. Therefore multi functional, stable performance, high resolution flatbed uv printer become indispensable products in the market. KGT-1016 small format digital uv printing machine price is low on a like for like basis against many other flatbed uv printer. All walks of life, factories and enterprises love it, and it can also win proofing time for customers to rapidly batch printing products. So buy this small uv printing machine for a fast return on your investment.

Share a Few Details about Your Business Needs, we can provide the printer with excellent performance and competitive price. You will enjoy our one-stop service.

Ricoh GH2220 Printhead

Ricoh GH2220 Printhead

Industrial Ricoh GH2220 printheads makes continuous printing at an extra-high quality and delivers excellent cost performance. 5~8 pcs GH2220 Printheads, 3.5pl drop volume, CMYK+WW+VV (optional)

Negative Pressure Ink Supply System

Negative Pressure Ink Supply System

Pressure system for ink supply with digital control greater pressure display gauges to increase printing speed and stability

Vacuum Bed Platform

Vacuum Bed Platform

The vacuum bed holds media steady to ensure stable printing.The vacuum system can be turned ON/OFF easily from the control panel by a button.

Support CMYKWV

Support CMYKWV


White Ink Stirring Device

White Ink Stirring Device

Allows the white ink to be agitated, thus effectively inhibiting the settling of white ink

Mechanical Anti Crash System

Mechanical Anti Crash System

Mechanical anti crash device effectively stops the carriage to protect print head once it touches the media

Automatic Height Detection

Automatic Height Detection

Once altimeter touch media, carrige automaticlly adjust itself to appropriate height

ColorGate RIP software

ColorGate RIP software

ColorGate RIP software (Germany)

Printhead5~8 GH2220 Printheads
Printing TechnologyPiezoelectric inkjet, variable dot printing, grayscale technology (3.5-7pl)
X and Y MotorHigh Quality Servo Motors
Printing Resolution720x900 DPI, 720x1200 DPI
Printing DirectionUni and Bi-direction
Ink TypeUV LED curable inks
Ink ConfiguratoinCMYK+W (Standard), CMYK+WW, CMYK+WW+VV
Ink Cartridge Size1500ml Bottle
Ink Supply SystemNegative Pressure System (NPS) with Automatic Ink Supply
Curing SystemDaul UV LED lamps, water cooling system
Image Process SoftwareColorGate (Bundle Version)
File FormatTiff, Jpeg, Postscript, EPS, PDF, DCS2.0
InterfaceUSB 2.0
Printer Dimesions (X*Y*Z)2150x2218x1132 mm
Wooden Box Dimensions (X*Y*Z)2250x2350x1350 mm
Net Weight450kgs
Power RequirementImput voltage: 220-240V, single-phase, 50/60HZ, 4000W
Operating ConditionsTemperature: 25~30°C; Relative Humidity: 40%~60%;


Troubles hooting

Service promised, after-sales engineers to troubleshootingfaults and resume normal production at the fastest time.

Service tracking

Regularly follow up customers, get to know about theequipment usage, listen to customer's advise and givetechnical guidance while keeping records.

Service consulting

Professional engineer after-sales service team; Full-time online service with diversified methods


Provide one year free warranty for equipment accordingto the standard (except printheads and consumables). More details, please ask our after-sales for help.


Please contact the Authorized KINGT Distributor/Dealer the product was purchased from for after-sale service. If buy from kingt factory, we have our own after-sales service team.


What is the Application Range of UV Printer?

Our UV printer enjoys wide application range. Currently, it has been extensively applied to advertisement, glasspanel, wood floor, ceramic tile, suspended ceiling, electronic product shell, individualized decoration and other fields. Fordetailed application cases, please refer to printer solutions in different application fields.

How many mobile phone cases can you print a day?

Take KGT-LE-2513 for example, we can print Iphone case about 5000 units per day.

How many years can a machine last?

About 8-10 years

How many machines will you sell earch year?

In the year of 2016, we sold 880 units, and we sold 1800 units annually. we are the Top 3 Ricoh printhead manufacturer in China.

How about the printing cost?

1L ink can print 80 M2, it is about 1 USD per square meter printing.

How many people in your company?

The number of employees is 200+, and we have the R&D 30 people, technical support 60 people, production 60 people. Strong research and development ability allows constant launches of new products to keep you at the top of the league.

What is your company advantage?

1. Accumulating nearly a decade of experiences in UV printing industry, Kingt provides you professional solutions in UV printers and help you save time and effort getting into the UV market.

2. Kingt is a trusted manufacturer with recognition from international suppliers. We ensure stable supplies of genuine products.

3. The top 3 printheads customer for Ricoh shows that Kingt takes up a significant market share of Ricoh printers in the market.

4. Expansion of manufacturing site and big production capability can cater your growing demand and provide timely delivery. No need to worry about delay or no stock.

5. The sales volume by 500 millions in 2023 shows that you will be working with a fast growing company and expand the potential business together.

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