Label Press 510

Label Press 510
Label Press 510
Label Press 510
Label Press 510

Industrial Digital Label Press 510

● Dimatix Samba print head, 510 mm print width

● Max. mechanical speed is up to 80 m/min

● High-resolution printing of 1200*1200dpi

● Min. ink drop 2pl(0.9 font size Support)

● Digital label printing & Expanded colour gamut

● Panton coverage rate up to 95%

● User friendly, excellent & consistent quality

● Suitable for industrial flexible production needs

The kingt inkjet digital label press 510 is the all-in-one label press available in 510 mm print width. You are able to adapt and customise your print requirements to meet different market applications.

Discover KINGT's advances in digital inkjet technology:

Exceptional quality in label printing

Inkjet digital label press 510, 1200dpi x 1200dpi, 95% Pantone colour coverage. And a large colour gamut, you will be able to match colours more accurately and the highly-saturated colours make labels look even more appealing.

Highly efficient label printing process

Samba printheads with an ignition frequency of 100khz and print speeds of up to 80m/min at full resolution. In order to make the machine more stable and efficient, the L-press510 is equipped with PLC motion control system, cleaning and dust removal system, pneumatic pressure system, constant temperature control system, corona treatment system, RIP system, automatic nozzle compensation function and full color variable data printing capability as default options and user-friendly software.

Flexible label printing solutions to meet personalisation needs

Kingt's variable sized droplet technology, no plate making, a minimum droplet of 2pl, meet a range of applications for label digital printing.


L-press510 all use UV inks (CMYK+K). The UV ink also has excellent light and heat resistance.

User friendly

Job configuration can be quickly set and the operating status can be checked at any time.

Widely used in chemical, food, pharmaceuticals, and special industrial labels, various variable data and anti-counterfeit labels to meet different industries for special application of labels.

Dimatix Samba Print Head

Dimatix Samba Print Head

Dimatix samba print head, one head 8 colors, 40 pcs, CMYK+W, 1200*1200DPI, perfectly competent of 0.9pt font

UV Ink - Expanded Colour Gamut

UV Ink - Expanded Colour Gamut

Expanded colour gamut, excellent performance inks, 30% reduce ink consumption achieving lower-cost production

High Precision Structure

High Precision Structure

High precision structure: durable in harsh environments

Constant Temperature Control System

Constant Temperature Control System

Accurate control, ±0.1 degrees Celsius, the ink is stable and the color is more uniform

Automatic Cleaning and Maintenance System

Automatic Cleaning and Maintenance System

Automatic cleaning and maintenance system: Timed and auto cleaning nozzle

Unique operating software RIP system

Specialised Technology

Unique operating software, RIP system

Labels Printing Applications

Labels Printing Applications

Widely used in daily chemical labels, food labels, pharmaceutical labels, special industrial labels

Variable Data Label and Anti-counterfeiting label

Variable Data Label & Anti-counterfeiting Label

Various variable data and anti-counterfeiting labels to meet the needs of various industries for special applications

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Shenzhen KINGT Technology Co., Ltd
Shenzhen KINGT Technology Co., Ltd
ModelLabel Press 510
PrintheadDimatia Samba, one head 8 colors, 40 pcs
Print SpeedMax. Mechanical Speed is up to 80 m/min
Max. Print Resolution1200*1200dpi
Media TypePET/PVC/PP/PE/BOPP film, coated & uncoated paper, and some special materials e.g. aluminum foil, etc.
Max. Print Width510mm
Ink ColorUV ink, standard CMYK, optional: W
RIP SoftwareColorgate
Printer Dimesions (L*W*H)6000 mm (L) x 2350 mm (W) x 2400 mm (H)
Max. Roll diameter and Weight1060mm (40in) and 450KG
Max. Material Width165mm (6.5in) - 510mm (20in)
Max. Material Thickness0.02-0.5 mm
Net Weight6500 kg
Power Requirement3F+L+GND, 380V, 50HZ, 50KW
Operating ConditionsTemperature: 18~28°C; Relative Humidity: 40%~70%;


Troubles hooting

Service promised, after-sales engineers to troubleshootingfaults and resume normal production at the fastest time.

Service tracking

Regularly follow up customers, get to know about theequipment usage, listen to customer's advise and givetechnical guidance while keeping records.

Service consulting

Professional engineer after-sales service team; Full-time online service with diversified methods


Provide one year free warranty for equipment accordingto the standard (except printheads and consumables). More details, please ask our after-sales for help.


Please contact the Authorized KINGT Distributor/Dealer the product was purchased from for after-sale service. If buy from kingt factory, we have our own after-sales service team.

What is your company advantage?

1. Accumulating nearly a decade of experiences in digital UV inkjet printing industry, Kingt provides you professional solutions in digital inkjet printers and help you save time and effort getting into the digital printing market.

2. Kingt is a trusted manufacturer with recognition from international suppliers. We ensure stable supplies of genuine products.

3. The top 3 printheads customer for Ricoh shows that Kingt takes up a significant market share of Ricoh printers in the market. Also the only one use the Samba printhead with digital label press in China.

4. Expansion of manufacturing site and big production capability can cater your growing demand and provide timely delivery. No need to worry about delay or no stock.

5. The sales volume by 500 millions in 2023 shows that you will be working with a fast growing company and expand the potential business together.

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