The industry-renowned drupa 2024 printing expo came to a successful conclusion

June. 20, 2024

At the drupa 2024, KINGT brought a series of new inkjet printing solutions for industries such as home decoration, packaging boards, sheet-fed, labels, and custom processing. 

Innovation is the driving force of development and the core element to stimulate the vitality of the industry. In the field of printing, the continuous iteration and upgrading of process technology is an industry consensus. 

With the launch of new products, KINGT and FUJIFILM officially announced that they have become long-term strategic partners.

In fact, the two parties have already reached a consensus on cooperation and jointly developed a number of equipment. They showcased their further  innovative results to users around the world at drupa. 

In the future, KINGT and FUJIFILM will build a more complete innovation, R&D system for digital printing equipment through in-depth strategic cooperation in resource sharing, technical cooperation and market linkage, promote the digital transformation of the industry, and help printing companies cope with various challenges and achieve business transformation and new growth.

With drupa 2024 expo as a new beginning, let's witness KINGT's continuous challenges in new tracks and a series of achievements.

We will  look forward to the continuous development of digital printing technology becoming the backbone of the printing industry and bringing more surprises and value to users!

Shenzhen KINGT Technology Co., Ltd
Shenzhen KINGT Technology Co., Ltd