It should be pay attention to inkjet uv printing on ceramics

May. 12, 2021

Digital UV inkjet printers have been widely used in ceramic tiles production, it enhances the efficiency of the ceramic products! We all know that scientifically use and maintain the equipment can prolong the service life of the uv machine, reduce the malfunction and improve the production efficiency.

It should be pay attention to inkjet uv printing on ceramics

UV inkjet ceramic tile printing machine mainly focus on the printhead maintenance, filter replacement, inkjet pipeline system cleaning management, downtime management, inkjet printer working parameters and software management, fault management and so on.

1. Printhead maintenance:
Production and shutdown should pay attention to the print head maintenance, in the exhaust, pipe, wipe print head, such as manual operation, to do a good job in the whole dust, anti-static protection, to avoid improper operation caused by dust adsorption to the print head caused by plugging point and other defects. Wipe the print head should wear protective gloves, the use of infiltration of cleaning liquid for the special dust-free cloth. More please follow the manufacturer's instructions to maintain the print head!

2. Daily fuselage maintenance:
Clean the fuselage, not the face of the rack, printhead shell, board card and so on in time to clean up. Pay attention to check whether there is leakage, leakage ink, bubbles, ink precipitation and other anomalies. Clean operation attention to disconnect the printhead power supply, put off the electrostatic, good dust prevention measures.

3. Filter replacement:
Regular replacement of the filter, the filter is the normal operation of the printhead protection of the important link, the use of a long time will have some residue deposition, affect the efficiency of filtration, thus affecting the print head, machine.

4. Regular cleaning of the entire ink system:
long after the operation of the ink cylinder, filters, pipelines, print head and so on will have a certain amount of ink deposition adsorption, timely thorough cleaning is conducive to the overall good operation of inkjet and later production stability. Need to be carefully cleaned.

5. Inkjet software parameters are often observed, not arbitrarily modified, on a regular basis to back up the configuration files on the machine, so that the system in the event of a crash when the rapid recovery of various settings, as well as the regular killing of computer viruses.

6. Equipment failure must be handled by professional maintenance personnel. Contact machine manufacturer after sales service Center if necessary.

7. Maintain a stable and suitable temperature and humidity of the room, and maintain a good environment.

8. Regular ink stirring, because the ceramic ink is composed of inorganic color materials, organic solvents, dispersants and other components, because the proportion of ceramic color is far greater than the solvent, long-term static after the pigment particles will be settled to the bottom of the container to form a pigment layer, called precipitation. Choosing good ink is also essential.

9. Inkjet Printing personnel need professional training, the second is to have a certain amount of computer, mapping ability, correct use and maintenance and maintenance of inkjet equipment.

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