How to maintain the print head to prolong its life?

April. 09, 2021

Maintain the print head, Kingt print head, Kingt UV printers

The most expensive place for a uv flatbed printer is the print head, which is less than thousands of or more than tens of thousands! If the print head is broken not only affect production and increase costs, how to maintain the print head in different situation?
Note: Different print head please according to the specific condition maintenance, or according to the manufacturer suggestion maintenance!

1, The ink selection is unsuitable, causing the print headplug.
Manufacturers will be based on the characteristics of the nozzle, the different printing materials to choose good ink for customers, this is through a lot of products verified! If you buy ink, improper use, will cause the nozzle plug! Even caused the nozzle to scrap!

2, Effects of temperature and humidity changes on the nozzle and ink. Because the stability of ink determines the use of universal flat-panel printer nozzle, and ink stability is determined by the ink viscosity, surface tension, volatility, liquidity and other factors, environmental temperature, humidity will affect these factors and thus affect the ink. such as too high or too low temperature will make ink viscosity decline or increase a lot, will affect the printing effect, the higher the temperature will increase the volatility of ink, as well as ink easy dry, plug the nozzle. The change of humidity will affect ink supply ink, ink is siphon to complete the ink process, too low humidity will cause the ink can not be used normally, the nozzle can not work properly.
Solution: Control the temperature, humidity, flat printer manufacturers will have a specific temperature and humidity limits on the use of the environment.

3, Electrostatic impact on equipment
In the printing process as a result of inkjet substrate and roller friction produced a large number of electrostatic, if not in time to eliminate, will affect the normal work of the nozzle, electrostatic will also damage the nozzle, so buried ground to eliminate static electricity is necessary!

4, The influence of working habits on sprinkler heads
Bad use habits can affect the sprinkler and other devices.
Solution: Keep the machine neat and tidy, according to the manufacturer's correct use of the equipment.

5, The influence of the nozzle voltage on the nozzle
Because the height of the nozzle voltage can determine the nozzle internal piezoelectric ceramic bending degree, so high voltage can also improve ink-jet volume. Under the premise of not affecting the quality of the picture, the lower the better. High voltage may be encountered in the nozzle broken ink phenomenon frequently, the use of life is reduced. The low nozzle working voltage will also affect the saturation of the screen.

Different brands of universal printer nozzle voltage varies, and different voltages on the ink viscosity requirements vary.
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